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Mailing List

This support group is primarily to help German Shepherd owners who have dogs with hindlimb deformities, but is open to anyone looking to learn about canine limb deformities, share experiences or make new friends who share a common problem. Affected dogs may have forelimb or hindlimb disabilities, a result of congenital / inherited problems, infections/parasites (e.g. Neospora, Toxoplasmosis) or trauma. Members are encouraged to post about their personal experiences as well as treatment options they have tried, including medical, surgical and alternative treatments.

To subscribe to the list:

Send an e-mail to mailinglist-subscribe@straightlegshepherds.org.   You do not need to put anything in the subject line of body of the e-mail.  A confirmation request will be sent back to you. To confirm your subscription, just reply to the ‘Reply-To:’ address. Usually, the “reply” function of your mail program will do this.  If you want to subscribe to the lists digest send an e-mail to mailinglist-digest-subscribe@straightlegshepherds.org.

To send a message to the list:

Send an e-mail to mailinglist@straightlegshepherds.org.

To unsubscribe from the list:

Send an e-mail to mailinglist-unsubscribe@straightlegshepherds.org.  To unsubscribe from the digest send an e-mail to mailinglist-digest-unsubscribe@straightlegshepherds.org.

To contact the list owner:

Send an e-mail to mailinglist-owner@straightlegshepherds.org.

For help and a list of list commands:

Send an e-mail to mailinglist-help@straightlegshepherds.org.