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Adoption/Rescue Listings

The following special needs dogs are listed as a courtesy. Please contact the shelter, rescue or individual listed in each posting for further details.

If you have a special needs dog you would like listing please write to dogs@straightlegshepherds.org



Tess 2

Tess is a bold and confident girl.  She has been in the rescue since she was 6 weeks old, she is now just over a year old.  She is sweet and silly and stubborn.  We are still having some housebreaking issues but I'm convinced that it is mostly attitude that is causing it.  She gets along with other dogs fine.  She barks at most anything, and she will chase a cat that runs but she can learn to get along with a cat in the house.  She is a tomboy, she plays rough so might be better with dogs her size or larger.  She is not mean, she is just tough because her brother used to beat up on her.  She probably weighs in the 50 pound range, we try to keep her on the lean side because carrying too much weight will only cause joint problems in the healthy joints.

If you are interested in adopting Tess, please email everycolorrescue@yahoo.com or go to our web site at www.helpingshepherdsofeverycolor.com"